The WEATHERfx Awards
Motorcycle Photography
Social Augmented Reality: Sea Lion
Moscow Mule Social Augmented Reality
Fizzics Draftpour Launch Video
IBM Watson Advertising Cannes Lions Exhibition Gallery
The Weather Company: Media Kit Website
Triple Eight - Get Used To It
The Race of Gentlemen - Event Planning and Content
Humankind Collateral
Vydia Brand Video
Cycle Refinery Branding
Duck Tape: Event Activation
Wipeout Dry Erase Helmets
Harry Potter Book Launch Material
Triple Eight Bike Launch
Fanta: Spotted Orange Tumblr Experience
The Weather Company Sales Reports, with Adobe Spark
Oreo Digital Activations
SEA Paddle NYC 2015 Poster
SEA Paddle NYC 2016 Posters
Adidas: Know The Code
Marvel Web Experience
SEA Paddle NYC 2017 Posters
Fantasy Horse Racing App
Jet Blue Employee Intranet Dashboard Concept
Guardian Life Insurance Website Concept
Comp Alliance Website Concept
TWC Enjoyment Room App Concept
Chips Ahoy: Product Landing Page
5Boro NYC Authorized Dealer Promotional Poster
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