After a career of breaking boundaries—and his share of bones—legendary street skater and tough guy Mike Valley decided to start protecting his head. To help make the news official, he partnered with Triple Eight, the NYC-based protective gear company. “Get used to it” was Mike V’s response to anyone who questioned his decision to wear a helmet. He wasn’t preaching helmet safety or trying to convince others to follow his lead. He was just being himself. 
The effort began with us collaborating with Mike V to develop a visual identity for the partnership—one that reflected not only his personal brand and style, but Triple Eight's as well. 
Rather than exploit the news to just sell a bunch of Triple Eight helmets, we opted for a more organic approach: to provide a forum for skaters to speak their minds on why or why not they wear a helmet. So we custom built a tumblr site to host the conversation, tapping into the platform's huge skate community.
The campaign kicked off with this video we created about Mike V and the helmet conversation.
Photos from the film shoot provided additional content for Triple Eight's social channels. 
We also designed exclusive "Get Used To It" Triple Eight gear to bolster the campaign.
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