Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix is one of the largest-selling titles in the Harry Potter mega-series of books. As the Director of the in-house Scholastic Trade Marketing creative team, I lead the creation of a long list of launch materials, including a number of in-store displays and boxed set packaging for every major book retailer, as well as activity kits supplied to teachers and libraries around the world. 

The effort also included full-page, full-color ads placed in every major newspaper and magazine around the country. But perhaps the most compelling part of the effort, is the sub-set of ads targeted toward adults. The wildly successful campaign, which was reported in The New York Times and the New York Post, featured prominent themes from the story mapped back to easily identifiable personality traits and interests that exist within all of us, with young and old. Photography was provided by prominent NYC photog Bob Scott, who captured the menacing likeness of the late, great, custom motorcycle builder and pop-culture icon Indian Larry in the "Flying Cars. Fire Whisky. Death Eaters." ad. This creative was also released as a 2' x 3' collectible poster which is still sought after today, and large format versions can still be found in motorcycle museums alongside the 2-wheeled creations of Indian Larry.
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