Seal Team Insulation Specialists is a renowned provider of top-notch insulation solutions for both high-end residential and commercial clients. While spray foam technology has been available for some time, it has only recently gained popularity in residential construction due to its clear superiority over traditional insulation methods. However, finding competent and trained installers can be difficult, as the specialized equipment needed for installation is costly and technical, making it a premium product that is often installed incorrectly by inexperienced installers.
Seal Team's highly skilled technicians are some of the best in the business, and their goal is to continue expanding and franchising their services to new markets. To accomplish this, they enlisted my help in creating an "identity with legs." They needed a foundational branding system that would tell their story, showcase their strengths, and set them apart from other tradespeople, especially on the job site. This branding system had to cover all immediate visual needs, from vehicle graphics to branded merchandise, and set them up for future expansion.
The brand name, "Seal Team Insulation Specialists," was developed after conducting market research and understanding the naming strategies within the insulation and greater construction categories. Apart from its familiar “ring”, it highlights the main benefit of the company’s offering and speaks to the tactical nature of their installation process, which is strategic, focused, and professional, with minimal worksite disruption.
The visual identity supports the product's key benefit through the development of a simple, responsive logo, whose icon represents an impenetrable barrier that secures a home's perimeter, preventing infiltration of hot and cold air. The logo also elevates the tactical theme through the rank-patch styling of the icon and the stencil-like styling of the custom typography in the word mark. Additional elements, such as the simple repeating tear-drop shape, which is the architectural symbol for insulation, were stylized to give a subtle off-road tire tread vibe, adding to the idea of "capability," while boosting relevance within the category.
The color theme was selected to highlight the battle between two extremes – hot and cold – represented as black and white. Light blue was added to balance and separate the two extremes and provide a calming pop of comfort and trust.
Overall, my work on Seal Team's brand identity has helped establish a strong, memorable, and "sticky" presence in their market, attracting skilled talent and new business opportunities alike, and has set the brand up for future expansion into new markets as the brand and product's popularity continues to grow.
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