In just 2 years, the Race of Gentlemen (TROG) had gone from a spontaneous gathering of a few rag tag vintage hot rodders and bikers to a nationally recognized event that was drawing a few thousand spectators, as well as the interest of major brand sponsors. 
2014 was slated to be bigger, better and outright badder.
Building on our involvement the previous year where we creatively integrated the Duck Tape brand into TROG, we took on a larger role and helped plan and promote the event.
So we began with some logistics. We used Google SketchUp to design a virtual footprint of the event, which was not only necessary for TROG’s organizers to look buttoned up for potential sponsors, it was critical for getting approvals and the proper resources from local officials.
No event like TROG would be complete without a pre-party, so we contacted our friends at RRL, who we thought would be a perfect fit for promoting the event to an NYC audience that appreciated its revivalist spirit. The brand eagerly agreed, so we worked with their retail design team and threw an invite-only TROG-themed bash at their flagship store in SoHo a week before the race. We invited friends, influencers and fashion/media types, while RRL invited their most valuable customers. In addition to decking the store out in TROG props, we screened highlights from the previous year's race and sold tees, posters, limited edition photos and tickets to the upcoming race.
To promote TROG online, we create video ads using imagery and footage from the previous year. These ads also plugged Harley Davidson’s involvement as a lead sponsor.
We also created these cinemagrams for TROG social content.
When the first weekend in October arrived, we descended on the beach in Wildwood, NJ, and filmed for 4 straight days and nights. Needless to say, TROG 2014 was its best yet. The proof is in this highlight reel we created, which not only recapped the event but was used to attract furture sponsors.
A short film documentary was also born from the experience, with filmmaker Steve Marino behind the lens, which told the backstory of TROG and introduced viewers to Mel Stultz, the event’s creator. 
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