Since 1996, NYC-based protective gear company Triple Eight has been safeguarding the heads, elbows and knees of skaters young and old. So when the brand wanted expand its footprint into protective gear for biking—specifically bmx, mountain biking and bike commuting—they needed to look and sound like they’d been there all along, but without dismissing the brand’s NYC skate heritage. This video was the start of that effort. 
Once the video launched, we focused on packaging, where we eschewed the tendency to “out color” the competition on the shelf. Instead, we stayed true to the brand’s heritage, using bold swatches of black accented by modern pops of red and gray. 
Then we took it to the retailers, where the brand needed buy-in from store owners. For larger, multisport stores like Sports Authority, we created a catalog that told the story of the brand and featured their products across the actions sports spectrum. For more local, bike-only shops, we created a handy pocket guide that focused on their product needs. 
We also created a series of product-driven emails to existing skate shop accounts that might be looking to expand their offerings. 
With the brand routinely fielding questions from skate customers about sizing and fitting their Triple Eight helmets, we wanted to ensure that the same issues didn’t come up with new bike customers. So we created the first in an ongoing series of animated videos called “Gear Up & Get Out”, featuring step-by-step instructions delivered in true Triple Eight style. 
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